This one time… at surf camp..?  Nicaragua style!

This one time… at surf camp..? Nicaragua style!


My adventure in Nicaragua begins on my birthday at

I will stay for a week, dabble with learning to surf (but I really like boogie boarding!) and shoot

some lifestyle imagery for their website. I’m not going to set a bunch of fake scenarios up, but instead

wait for life to happen, and always have my camera with me. Luckily I just got a new travel camera,

the new SonyA7 – WOW- the files are larger than my big Nikon that I use for weddings and commercial clients

back home!  And its so much LIGHTER, I can actually carry it around all day long. I even slept with it

in my hammock on the deck in case there was a beautiful sunrise to catch.

Finally – a small light full frame professional camera for travel! Thank you Sony! Halleluya!









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