I had the pleasure of shooting Frank & Jill’s beautiful heartfelt wedding back in ’08,

and couldn’t wait to meet their new little addition to their love clan.

Then I came in and saw how much ‘frosting’ I could get just

‘tracking’ the kids around – letting them be kids and just ‘be’.

My favorite way to shoot. I call them ‘lifeportraits’……

this is just the cutest one ever….. after inviting me to see his room (honored!)

he made a pretend call to tell a ‘neighbor’ that he was doing his ‘homework’.

‘But he’s only 2!!  Omg precious. Obviously role playing Dad. Love it!

I found this preset/action/photoshop trick that looks like film. Love it. Not the garish over-saturated

colors that digital sometimes went…..

Jill, you’re truly amazing. I love you both.



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