ok – hilarious….. the teen bodybuilders – the faces! (oh god and their spray-on-tan-fails!)…

I am SO PROUD of the Zenergy girls!!!! It takes a lot of courage to get up on stage and have every inch of your body be scrutinized. No matter if you win first place, or not. But our little Emily Knowles swept the competition! It took such dedication. I got to hang out behind the scenes with the girls while they prepared, and even got up at 4am for hair and make up, and spray-on tanning in a freezing garage at 6am, and oh, the pomp and circumstance!

they had to get down to zero percent or something body weight. good god. It’s almost a competition on who can be most disciplined on their diet.

you cannot bring home an armload of trophies without the loving support of friend and family!………..


for more pics go to thiakonig.com/nga2012




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