so this should be interesting…. today is a bahnda (sp?), or forced shut down of all busses/taxis etc to protest Nepal’s first elections

coming up. Hmmm not sure I quite understand… but we have a front row seat. We are still going flying today, but instead of

hopping on a $2 paragliding bus, or a $7 taxi, we will hike up the mountain (and I’m sure there will be a cluster of porters at the

base wanting to carry my paraglider)



Everyone was in awe at the crazy Amerian girl that insisted on carrying her own paraglider.

Was she just stubborn? poor? or superhuman?



stunning backdrop to today’s flight!


one of the landing zones – top right by the pool and the lake. If you fall short and land in the rice fields, you owe the

farmer 500 rupes ($5) – if you overshoot it, you land in the lake. So I’ve been practicing my spot landings….







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