SpongeBob SqarePants goes to Singapore

SpongeBob SqarePants goes to Singapore


having a bit of a modern sterilized-Star-Wars-space-bar experience in the Singapore airport as I wander through all the

high end shops filled with very expensive stuff I don’t need (really?! a $2600 handbag? does anyone need that?) amongst

the new trendy businessmen in skinny jeans, pointy shoes and fitted jackets with spikey ‘baby dinosaur hair cuts’, alongside

tatooed tosseled-haired surfer boys in flip flops on their way to Indo – sprinkled with the impeccable queen’s English voic

e from a sexy British ‘Suri’ coming over the loudspeakers. Don’t forget the foot and calf massages if you like a little ‘pain with

your pleasure’. Oh yeah, and the SpongeBob Squarepants Christmas display (I kid you not – you can’t make this stuff up!) is really

freaking me out.








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