Every wedding is a new and unique celebration. Shouldn’t your wedding pictures be, too? After traveling the world and devoting much of my life to photography, I have learned that taking a picture is more than pushing a button. I want you to be able to feel your pictures, not just see them. I love making beautiful, soulful images of real life moments. It’s that simple. My years of experience have taught me how to encapsulate the moment while being as unobtrusive as possible. “You were everywhere and nowhere?!” is my favorite and most common compliment.

I’ve had the privilege of working with high profile people from entertainers to politicians, as well as shooting my neighbor’s kids. I love all people. I love my job. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

When I photograph your wedding, I bring not only a good eye, but also my heart. I want to capture the soul of your wedding, your life, and your connections between people you love – beautifully.



I like looking at pictures by spreading prints all around the dining room table, so I include custom 4 x 6 proof prints of all your wedding pictures. A great way to share your wedding memories with all your family and friends, too, is with a slideshow set to your favorite music. But these packages are flexible, and we can tailor one to suit your needs and budget. No sense spending money on things you don’t need. Maybe you’re more interested in including a dvd with all the high res images, or maybe a hand designed coffee table book, or maybe it’s the second shooter you’re really after?  I’d love to chat with you and find out more about your wedding and what your heart desires, and tailoring a package just for you.

A Family Affair                      $5,000

An intimate affair with around 100 guests and not having a band, but you still want outstanding photography to remember your special day? Includes 6  hours of photography with your own website and keep 500+ 4×6 prints, and a slideshow to share with everybody set to the music of your choice. I shoot with two (or more) cameras and many lenses, so it’s like you’re getting a second shooter, but it won’t seem ‘over-produced’. I will get some cute portraits of the two of you and your family and friends, but your wedding images will be mostly beautiful, candid, real – life moments.


Sun Valley Package             $6,000
This package includes 8+ hours of photography, 600+ 4×6 prints, and access to the high res images to use as you’d like.  Choose between a local second shooter for part of the day, or a custom designed coffee table book for a unique wedding album. Laugh all over again along with the slideshow.


Emerald Package                 $7,000
Includes Thia for all-day soulful coverage, plus a local second photographer to capture great details and off-angle candid portraits. Share your wedding moments with your own website, a soulful slideshow, and keep 600+ 4×6 proof prints.


Rock Star Package                       $10,000
Includes 2 photographers for all weekend coverage. If there’s anything you want (and I’ve had some creative requests) I’ll do my best to make it happen. I fly in second shooter extraordinaire, Tai Kerbs, and we work wonders together. We are like sisters and know what the other is envisioning. Together we produce exquisite, soulful coverage. Share your wedding photos with your own website, and keep 700+ proof prints. You will get all the high res images on a DVD to keep. Make your own prints, large canvases, or fill up digital frames to enjoy, without any markup-ever. I will design a coffee table book that will knock your socks off, and give you three copies.  The slideshow I set to music of your choice will make you laugh and cry all over again. The weekend can include rehearsal dinner, golf with the boys, brunch, fishing, hot air ballooning, etc — Family and friends have come a long way to celebrate the whole weekend with you. It’s fun to be able to relive the whole special weekend.


A la Carte
You realize that photography is the most important aspect of your wedding, but you can’t do the whole shabang? Contact me and let’s come up with a custom package to give you some beautiful memories that you will treasure forever. You deserve it! I’ve photographed weddings so small (elopements) that I actually signed the wedding license as a witness. We can make it more affordable, too, by shaving off the proof prints and slideshow. Let’s work something out that will suit your budget and needs.

Want to see more wedding images? Pour yourself a glass of wine, and enjoy my flash website dedicated to all the great wedding moments I’ve been blessed and honored to witness and capture…. Thia Konig Weddings


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