life portraits

Sometimes it’s real life you want to capture and remember, and it’s my job to make it as beautiful as possible. Maybe a big posed photograph is not your thing, or even to make your little rascal SIT HERE isn’t ever going to happen. I can come and ‘track’ the little ones around the back yard, capturing them playing, discovering, learning. I’ll run around on my hands and knees and capture life as it happens. Sometimes it’s not one big group shot, but a collection of candids, or pieces to the puzzle, to better tell the story of your family in this moment in time. I give you all the high res images on a dvd with a copyright release form, so you can make prints, enlargements, large canvases, share on facebook, or create anything you want with the photos. I can also make these amazing coffee table books. If you would like help in creating anything with the photos, let me know and I love to collaborate. I’ve helped clients with small intimate prints all the way to large scale wall murals.

One hour of candid ‘tracking’ lifestyle photography $400

Part/Most of the day $750

A day in the Life (sunup to sundown – whew) $1000



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