Paragliding adventures in Nepal

Paragliding adventures in Nepal



Change of plans – not going to California for the month of November like I thought. Turns out I didn’t have a boyfriend anymore when I got off the Grand Canyon.  The cyber genious actually sent me a flirty text with a picture of some panties hanging in his bedroom- except they weren’t my panties, and the text wasn’t meant for me. Oops.  The next day I booked my ticket to Nepal to join Kathy Kristenson and the gang to paraglide in Pokhara! Can you believe I had enough miles?! That’s what I would rather be doing anyway! Grabbing life by the horns, and living large……this fall’s adventure series continues……


after a week and a half of code-red-hit-the-ground-running of paying bills, wrapping up loose ends, putting out fires (metaphorically), a couple portrait assignments shot and edited, and some last minute packing (really? it’s that warm there? ok), I’m ready…


Paraglider? Check. A good happy snappy camera for in flight shots and a go pro? Check. (Thanks Kerry McCarthy!!!) left
over Grand Canyon food for airplane and terminal snacks for the next 48 hours? Check! San Jose, LAX, Tokyo, Singapore,
Kathmandu, Pokhara – here I come!!!!
omg. so amazing. Yesterday I flew for an hour in a thermal with dozens of other colorful jellyfish-like wings with the snow capped
Himalayas as a backdrop, and a bird’s eye view of terraced rice paddies and temples on ridge tops. Landed by the lake, and walked
back to the guesthouse. Everyone is so genuinely friendly (Namaste!), and everything is so cheap, it’s (almost) free. Loving it! So
grateful for the amazing experiences this life on planet earth has to offer!… overwhelmed, in fact. Hopefully some photos
soon – internet connection is very slow (can you believe the guesthouses even have wi-fi?!) and I’m still getting up my nerve
to take my hands off the brakes while flying…..
flying into Kathmandu… wow is that Everest? Lucky people summiting that day…
Bob, the resident Egyptian Eagle, can fly with you for some additional rupees
fellow pilot Kathy Kristenson!
the tandem gaggle – it can get a little crazy at times
wow – huge! (I actually took my hands off the brakes to take a photo!)
the rice paddies are starting to be cut, which means there are more places to land, (without owing the farmer $5)
the landing zone as viewed from our $9 guesthouse (yes, we went big)
our favorite little restaurant across from our hotel
overdose of cute
a recycling program just started! Yeah Pokhara!
I love graffiti, so how tickled was I to find some here……
drinking some Nepalese rum ‘at the office’


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