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Oh Nepal, I love you so.

Oh Nepal, I love you so.

Started the long journey home. Was it the road construction? that turned a 5 hour bus ride to Kathmandu into 10 hours? I only
saw one guy digging one hole & trying to fill it up as we drove past right over it. Sigh. Then for some reason the bus didn’t go to
the bus station -couldn’t get through-just dropped us off in random suburbs-“last stop” the boy said. WTF? Kathmandu is CRAZY
right now – was in gridlock traffic for another couple hours in the taxi. Is this still the elections/celebrations/closures/parades?
Hard to say. I’m right here, but it’s like I’m looking at it through a shower curtain. Can’t quite make it out. The little boy from the
guesthouse waited for 5 hours for me with my name on a piece of paper at the station- the only time in my life I’ve ever had someone
waiting for me with my name on a sign. No taxi drivers know this weird hotel in Thamel (and the phone number wasn’t working?).
again, wtf. Used the taxi drivers phone to call the guesthouse in Pokhara and they called the hotel and sent the boy over to fetch
me from the street corner near the Mountain Hardware store? – at least I made it to Thamel, finally, so getting warmer. God I needed
to pee so bad. Then wandered out for dinner – and not too far away stumbled upon The Funky Buddha. Groovy. Sunday night is
‘chill / ambient’ with a DJ playing music so loud I thought I was at burning man. Kathmandu camp, apparently. Down to my last
rupees. Just enough for breakfast and a taxi ride to the airport tomorrow……..Nepal – such a dear, sweet country. Before they lost
their innocence with the royal massacre 11 years ago, it was the only country/kingdom in the world to never have been invaded or
occupied, and now it’s like they are growing up (and going off to college) with their first elections. Namaste!
some political posters (over 120 political parties in this election?!) seriously?
and this is a parade of one party that had a victory in the Pokhara district. The votes will take about 5 days to tally, but apparently, these
folks are pretty sure they came out ahead.
Oh Nepal – how I love you. One of your most endearing qualities is that you try SO HARD to please us. No judgement – you just
genuinely want to see us ‘enjoying’. So I thought it fitting that for my last meal in Kathmandu I should return to the Funky Buddha
(the logo has a buddha with headphones and the tag line ‘positive vibe’ )- and have my favorite breakfast in the world. Eggs
Bennedict. I saw it on the menu the previous night and couldn’t resist. Not quite English muffins, but perhaps baked on demand? with
love and care to look just like the photos, the hollandaise sauce was close – and it was placed before me with care and grace and a
loving genuine smile. I miss you already. There will always be a special spot in my heart for you, Nepal. Namaste.


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