My evening with Oscar – Saving Face Movie Premier

My evening with Oscar – Saving Face Movie Premier

Peggy Goldwin and Stephanie-Freid Perenchio had secured the film ‘Saving Face‘ for The Family of Woman Film Festival here in Sun Valley, before it even won an Oscar. Fresh in from Hollywood, filmmaker and producer Daniel Junge brought him along. With his boyish good looks and lots of patience, he graciously let us all oogle and paw over the statue. Just don’t drop it. It’s heavier than you think!

Pre-function at Ciro’s sponsored by Planned Parenthood – (they always have good party favors……)

Together with the charming and funny Dr. Mohammad Jawad, the plastic surgeon in the film, they held a great Q&A for the sold out crowd at The Opera House


for more pics of the evening click on face




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