Ladies night in Pokhara to plan the next adventure

Ladies night in Pokhara to plan the next adventure



ladies night in Pokhara…. met up with Bella and the gals (mainly to plan our next adventure) and closed down the Busy Bee. The

band was hard rock complete with skinny jeans and BIG hair that they dizzingly swooshed around. Hilarious. Bummed I didn’t

bring my camera to take a video to show the kids back home. I even joined the dance pit when they played my AC/DC request!

It went all the way to ELEVEN. Uh, meaning the band stops and the doors close, and the nice policeman lets you out at eleven o clock.


And the adventure begins a little sooner than planned…. the drivers are all scared to leave tomorrow – things very uncertain with

Nepal’s first election coming up – (over a hundred and twenty different political parties?! seriously?! and the Maoists have been

causing trouble with enforced strikes on taxis and busses) so we are scooting out of town this afternoon. A jeep ride, a hike to a

village, spend the night, then find some porters to carry our wings, food and water for the big 2,000 meter (6,000 ft!) hike up to

Korshan in the Annapurnas, bivy in the small hut, then hopefully the weather will be favorable enough to fly back to Pokhara.

Super excited for this adventure, as this will be (hopefully) my first x-country flight. wahooooo!



WIERD. No busses or taxis – only the mopeds and the motorbikes…





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