Korshan Hike and Fly adventure

Korshan Hike and Fly adventure



and a great adventure it was! Started hiking up countless stone steps under a full moon to the village, where we found a house

to crash at. We slept in the patio (with the cows?!-they are tied up, aren’t they?) and they made us some Dal Baht (sp?) that night,

and some hard boiled eggs and tea in the morning. There we scored some porters for the epic-am-I-in-a-Lord-of-the-Rings-movie

journey up more stone steps through ferns and moss covered trees and hobbit caves, then up above the tree line heather along a

knife edge sharp ridge. Nearly there. It was hard enough without my 40lb wing. What hard work for the porters! Well worth $10

with a $2 tip! The old dude was the fastest. ha. The little porter boy in training carried up some stunned chickens and rice for

dinner (uh, I think I’ll just eat my gorp). Well, the porters ended up staying the night at the hut, filled it up with smoke, and

chatted loudly and partied all night, so we slept outside under a bright full moon and the snow capped Himalayas. Very happy

with my recent purchase of a North Face knock-off down bag – rated to -20 degrees. -Because it was 10 degrees below freezing!

We woke with ice all over our bags and the most beautiful alpen glow. ever. Excited and nervous about my flight – we stuffed our

sleeping bags in our harnesses, and laid out our wings and waited for some ‘lift’. Hmmmm. Clouds. more clouds. So I took off first,

wanting to be able to fly through the spaces in the clouds without hitting a mountain, and didn’t get much lift (we were already

above the clouds at this point) and very little thermals along the way (for me). So, pretty much a straight glide. My wing is very

safe, but doesn’t have a very good glide ratio, so I’m pretty much on my own. I squeeked over the second to the last ridge (I got it,

no I don’t got it, yes I got it!), picked a good landing near a dirt road in a harvested rice padie patch away from power lines, and

changed out of my warm clothes covered in my wing while the village children giggled. This is election day, so no taxis or busses- I had

a 2 hour hike with my pack – ug – and walked with other villagers going to vote in Pokhara. Finally about 2 miles out, a friendly

store keeper gave me and my huge pack a ride- on his bicycle! I sat on the bike rack holding on tight and trying to keep my balance

while holding my already sore legs up off the ground. Thanks Bella and Jamey for including us on this awesome hike and fly

adventure! Living large!!


the family let us light a campfire in their courtyard

yes, the crazy white people want to go up there…

I guess we’re having chicken for dinner. sigh.

some greens are apparently coming along with us, too

they got strapped to my paraglider – and get this….Bella speaks enough Nepali to overhear my porter chatting on his cell phone

to his girlfriend (while smoking a cigarette and walking up steps)  the jist : “yeah – I got a job – so I’ll see you tomorrow. Yeah,

these crazy white people want to go to Korshon, but they don’t want to carry any of their stuff. ”   Yep. that’s us.


the little porter boy in training carries one of the chickens for dinner. sigh.

played leapfrog with the porter carrying my wing all the way up – but I’m only carrying my water and some snacks

that will be us tomorrow!

Wow! Jamie shot this amazing shot of me right after I launched. Thank you!! very grateful!








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