Hello Little Corn Island

Hello Little Corn Island


I could catch a ride to the airport from surf camp, and wanted to minimize my time in Managua,  so I thought it was a good time to then fly to Little Corn Island – a sleepy little Caribbean island off the other coast of Nicaragua. No cars, (so no roads), not even any motorbikes. A couple people had bikes, but mostly we just walked.


this is a traffic jam on Little Corn Island…….and this is the MAIN ROAD!

I met up with Alison for a few days before she headed back to surf camp, and had a glorious day renting SUP boards –

exploring all the deserted white sand beaches. We would roll around in the sand and become ‘sand monsters’, then

wash off by snorkeling, where we could see (and touch!) sharks. Don’t worry – just harmless nurse sharks.

“Here, sharky, sharky”. We made it to Yamaya (the fancy $300/nt hotel) on the north side of the island for the best fish tacos

I’ve ever had in my entire life. I made it a habit to find myself on that side of the island for lunch the rest of my time there.


After Alison left I found myself a little $15/night brightly painted tool shed (I affectionately called it) on stilts.

You can’t get much closer to the beach, and a nice cool ocean breeze blew through my windows day and night.


My million dollar view from my $15 tool shed. I got amazing sunrises (5am!) and full moon rises in the evening.

What timing!

my beach 20 ft from my shed on stilts….


Nicaragua is crazy about baseball! I took the wrong path back from my fish taco journey, and ended up at the baseball diamond.

The first storm of the rainy season rolled through, so then joined the kids in the bleachers to eat mangos. Because we can!


On my last day I was invited to join in on a Rondon feast with the locals. A Creole stew with breadfruit, fish, (and whatever else you got)

cooked in coconut milk with spices. You can’t be in a hurry. Why, yes, I’d love a cold beer while I wait!

Here’s a recipe……

If you’re staying at a fancy hotel (not me, but the folks next door), then you get your bags carried to the dock for the panga

to Big Corn Island, where the airport is. But everybody still has to walk.


Instead of cobblestones, those are coconut husks! Awesome!







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