Hell Yeah Grand Canyon!

Hell Yeah Grand Canyon!


Wow how lucky were we to put on the Grand Canyon 30 hours before the government shutdown! So sublime, and different every time. Such a fun group of people, we even had two, count them, two costume nights. Not just a crush, but I have a love afair with the reflections…..

Everyone from the trip is now decompressing and getting back to the ‘real world’ they say. I say -I think living in the Canyon felt more of the real world. We synched with the rhythms of nature – fell asleep soon after dark, and awoke at first light – we drank of the side rivers, and were witness to some amazing forces of wind and thunderstorms, and slept cozy tucked away in a deep canyon under a mind-boggling expanse of stars. Oct 1st was a new moon, and there were so many stars you couldn’t even begin to make out the constellations. That seemed real to me. In your face real. Front row seat real.

Thanks everybody for your contribution to the ‘cast of characters’ of our amazing journey.

Laughter is the best medicine!







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