DickiDanda and danishes

DickiDanda and danishes


Matt Cone of invited us to join them in a ceremony at the school near DickiDanda, and to attempt to fly home

via The Green Wall. This is another great site, and all the paragliders used to disrupt the kids at the school – so much so that the

kids would cut class and throw rocks at the pilots. Karmaflights turned this around and created a win/win situation. With the help

of donations (coming from mostly tandem pilots donating flights) and the tough negotiation skills of the school master, school

uniforms were bought, and now a hot lunch every day for the kids. There was a ceremony, with lots of orange flower leis, and

cookies, and tea. Matt Cone also brought danishes. So now what was once disrupting a launch site, is now enhancing and making

the world a better place. Thanks for making coffee for all us foreigners, but we had to scurry away to launch before the weather

got too active. I surfed for awhile, but couldn’t make it to the Green Wall, and landed out in a rice field. Yeahy! No more bhanda!

A taxi rolled up and offered us a deal we couldn’t refuse ($2 each) back to Pokhara, and the streets were clogged with political

parties celebrating their regional victory with parades on motorcycles.


That’s Andy Pag. If you haven’t seen his amazing TedX talk – it’s a must…..









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