I look forward to the day when Darlin and Jan can curl up on the couch with their twin boys, and share this book with them!……… I’m in love with some of these double page spread layouts! check ‘em out…… use the expand icon – go to full screen, and flip through the pages just like a
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This is the third time I’ve driven -all the way into the Idaho backcountry – to the Diamond D Ranch to photograph a wedding for this most awesome family. I love coming early and shooting all the events surrounding the wedding, and getting to know everybody before the big day. I love these guys!  
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    click on the image or follow http://www.sunvalleymag.com/Blogs/Hitched/Summer-2014/Baker-Hegewald/ to see the feature in SunValleyMag online.      


  One of my favorite commercial clients – making addictive solar lanterns that I just LOVE……..        

        Thanks, maptia for featuring my stories! Click on my pic to see my maptia profile and to see all my stories (so far…)     click on each image to see that story I’m billing them as ‘somewhat funny’……..      

  It always looks good when you design it, Britt! I shot these pics for Heal Goods’ website and launch as an ode to Rodney Smith, just with colorful socks…        

    from my favorite wedding of the summer, here is Whit and Alan’s coffee table book …. click on the bottom right hand corner icon to expand to full screen and flip through the pages like a real book!……..       Whitney and Alan by | Make Your Own Book

I’m so proud of my friend, Sonia! We worked together this summer to take some portraits for her ‘corporate identity’ – and look what she’s done with them-fantastic new website! Well done! You might just want to check out her site and sign up for her newsletter….    

  ok, so I have a big crush on these solar lanterns by Allsop. Loved running around and capturing all these glowing silk, paper, glass treasures for their packaging and social media. And they’re solar! Awesome! Guilt free pretty lights! They are addictive, though… you buy one, and then you want more…..