I look forward to the day when Darlin and Jan can curl up on the couch with their twin boys, and share this book with them!………

I’m in love with some of these double page spread layouts! check ‘em out……

use the expand icon – go to full screen, and flip through the pages just like a real book….

We went out Lake Creek to frolick with the Figge’s.

Fun! They didn’t want a bunch of ‘posed’ pics, so we kept it loose and fun…….


This is the third time I’ve driven -all the way into the Idaho backcountry – to the Diamond D Ranch to photograph a wedding for this most awesome family. I love coming early and shooting all the events surrounding the wedding, and getting to know everybody before the big day. I love these guys!

expand the arrows and enlarge to full screen – then flip through the pages like a real book!

These were all shot by me – no second shooter on this one!

This couple actually met here in Sun Valley  (many years ago)- and now are celebrating their 50th anniversary!

They were staying at the Lodge, so we wanted to stay within walking distance for their family portrait session.

When the sprinklers came on – it was perfect!- it turns out the family actually owned a sprinkler company, and helped to tell their ‘story’.






Just parents, and a judge in a garden next to the Hailey courthouse, and some cake and champagne out Fox Creek. Beautiful!



Such a priviledge to be witness, and to be able to capture for them, these important moments in people’s lives….

His mom was so thrilled to have a record of the events, she ordered a print of every single image.


He had made signs – and lots of them…….

and I could tell on her face the moment she figured out what was going on…..

Congrats you two!!









Winter Portraits



Loving all this SNOW we’ve been having! It creates such a beautiful backdrop – and fun to PLAY in!






One of my favorite weddings of the year. I was delighted that AnneMarie and Zeke (from 2009 fame) hired me as a gift for her brother in law’s wedding. Gus and Mackenzie couldn’t have been cuter, more down to earth, fun, and the whole crew of friends and family made me want to be adopted. Small ceremony in a private home near Warm Springs – and the fall colors couldn’t have been more spectacular! Here are some favorite moments (ok, and a couple beautiful details) Congrats Gus and Mackenzie! You guys rock!

and of course the party ended up at Whiskey’s for late night! Well done, everybody!







So great to see Farmer’s farm! This 6th generation farm provided a lovely backdrop to getting to know friends and family over the weekend. Loving the ‘tent city’ and everyone pitchin in to make this celebration happen! I love you guys.