Thia Konig

Photographer. Story Teller. Adventure Seeker.

Girl with camera seeks adventure to capture quirky, beautiful images around the globe, then return to share and inspire.

After traveling the world and devoting much of my life to photography, I have learned that taking a picture is more than pushing a button. I want you to be able to feel your pictures, not just see them. I love making beautiful, soulful images of real life moments. It’s my passion. I absolutely love showing you how beautiful you are, and showcasing and sharing the beauty of this planet. My years of experience have taught me how to encapsulate the moment while being as unobtrusive as possible. “You were everywhere and nowhere?!” is my favorite and most common compliment.

When did you first know you wanted to be a photographer?

This sounds trite, but in the third grade. During a school parade, when the substitute teacher wasn’t looking, I jumped up to take a picture of our real teacher, disguised as a clown, leading the other classes. When told sharply to SIT DOWN, I replied “It’s alright, I have a camera.” I have been using my camera as an excuse to throw myself at life ever since.

Do you have a memory of a favorite shoot?

I love unique weddings. You’re in love, and everything is extra specially beautifull.  I seem to attract a more mature client, that knows what she wants. I love working with clients that are down to earth, and appreciate great candid photography, that captures real life, beautifully. I tend to shoot by instinct, not by formula.

I think I remember people’s reactions to my photographs more. One in particular was my neighbors’ wedding. She was so worried that she wouldn’t come out beautiful, but when she saw the photos, she cried. “I AM beautiful!” Oh, sweetie, of course you are! Everyone is beautiful, I just showcase it. If I can make just one woman feel beautiful about herself, then my job here is done – the rest is just frosting on the cake!…

My memories of travel shoots all blend together with “Oh the things I’ll endure to get a good photo”, like sleeping like cold puppies in the headman’s hut with rats above, sinking boats, 4:30am gongs EVERY morning, angry elephants, and helicopters with no radar, but mixed with “my heart bursting with hope for humanity”, like the absolute amazing kindness of strangers, a toothless grin, a laugh shared with no common language, the open stare of a baby, gold buddhas, warm blue water, music, dancing with children, and yummy street food.

What do you look for when you try to capture a moment?

I try to be in tune with the events so I can anticipate the action and position myself so the light and composition is as beautiful as possible, [whether at a wedding, family vacation, or the third world.] Why not make it as beautiful as possible?  You can’t buy moments – some of the best moments happen magically – all by themselves.

When you are ‘in the zone’ – there are you are – camera in hand- magic unfolding – click.

Sometimes I even feel as if I’m a huntress – on the prowl – listening, with my eyes and my heart – for that next beautiful moment – unfolding before me – click.

Explain what you mean when you say “Because life is beautiful…”

In spite of everything – YES. In all of life’s imperfections and it’s irony, is it’s charm. The real life moments – the moments between the moments – (the magic you can’t re-create, even if you tried.) are precious.

It’s a wonderful space to be in when you are just looking for beauty. I’ve taken it upon myself to have that be my full time job, whether I have a camera in my hand, or not. When I do have a camera – I get to share it…  I love living life with the glass half full, and sharing that.

Happy Clients

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